Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alma Matter

Di sayup dinihari, tetiba teringat plak kat sek lama yang tercinta--> KOLEJ SULTAN ABDUL HAMID...ini adalah lagu kolej..hoho~

Strong loyalty we give our king
Firm friendship we would like to bring
We march along with strength and will
To help our country win
We aim for truth and courage
For virtues and for values
We're girls and boys of College
Good Collegians are we

K.S.A.H Alma mater
K.S.A.H young Collegians all

The problems of the world we face
Seem very small like earth in space
The rainbow of the sky we chase
A great and worthy race
We pupils here are happy
We're cheerful with no worries
For aren't we young Collegians
We are and proud to be

K.S.A.H Alma mater
K.S.A.H young Collegians all

1 comment:

  1. tambah2 kalau ada bunyi band. best! rindu tgk teacher mildred main piano.


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