Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Corporate Visit (Axiata)

Last Saturday, I and my group (PLATO) have been given change to interview 4 great people in corporate world. They are En Zulkifli Hitam (Ex Senior VP Maybank),En M.Zaki (Director Corp. Affairs-United Engineers Malaysia Bhd), Datin Badrunisa (Director of HR Axiata) and Ms Aminah Kobil (MD of Cherisher Consulting).

My first guest that I interview is Datin Badrunisa. She is a director of HR Axiata. Axiata is the Malaysian company who invest to the telecommunication around the glob. In Malaysia we knew them as Celcom. We divided the question that we want to ask. First we ask about the resume and the process of real interview.

Datin told us that the CV or resume have come with goal and objective or in much easier term why we apply for the job. we have to included all our experience from school until now and don’t forget to sort it from old to latest. Besides that the cover letter must catch the eye of the reader.

After that she explains the process of interview itself. She mentions early that Axiata didn’t take fresh graduate. Because of that she share his experience when she at Shell. There are several step of interview until we got the job. The CV is been process first to determine our qualification and next they will called us (phone interview). But the phone interview not so popular and the last cut is in the interview face to face with the executive there. If we pass the interview, there will be one more interview at the assessment center in order we have to prove ourselves in that center.

A part from that she said that we cannot demand anything from the company and she also give the do and don’t when in the interview.

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