Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leader and Environment

Honestly, I feel bored in the 1st half of the talk by Datuk Husni. This is because the fact and figure that he shown but it not last longer. The point that I heard is we have to be the leader that change the environment not the environment change the leader....

I want to give my opinion about this..
yeah..to just talk about it just easy but to do it we have to consider many things. In term of making decision, we have to consider many thing. Not just 'mine' factor. Just the same situation in my U with my club.. Sometimes I have the authority to change the environment but the other factor stop me to do it. its always about humanity vs ethic..
for an example, to my friend who has seen 2012, the humanity factor is are our decision not tell the people that they will vanish and for the ethic we have to do just the protocol need us to do; if not all the human kind will vanish..

There is one question or maybe changeless that singing around my head after the talk. what are we need to do to be a leader that can change the environment and in the same time not allowed the environment change the leader?? nowadays. many leader has lost to the environment in term to build the better nation. Just like Abdullah, have to resign because of the stress of other parties. Other example that happen outside Malaysia is Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. A great leader who have to resign because the environment factor force them to do it.

So I hope, my friend and I will more develop thru the process developing us to be a great leader. - _-‘’

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