Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What constitute the examplary Malaysian leader??

In my point of view, there are two type leaders in Malaysia; be born to be leader and be trained to be leader. These matters are related to condition of Malaysia who implements democracy and monarchy at the same time. This are called parliament democracy. As a result, two type of leader become and describe the Malaysia leader.

I will explain about leader that are be born first. The obvious example is the sultan and king at all state in Malaysia. It’s begin hundred years ago until now, sultan are the leader in his state. But the power of a king now is limited because the parliamentary democracy. This type of leader make the Malaysia unique and well known.

In the second context of leader, this leader comes after war. When citizen given change to be a leader by joining the politic. In that time, the political party was the biggest source of creating leader. They are given change fairly to lead. Who are outstanding, well spoken and can influence people will be a great leader. This type of leader struggle hard to become a great one. As example, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the ex-prime minister, he start from basic and who know someday he will become a great leader in the Malaysian and well known in the world.

The leader that are be born or learned make exemplary of Malaysia leader. It is always become unique because the culture and value that are added to this two type of leader. In old time, which is after independence the Malaya leader are more sincere to lead and rule this country. One vision that are share by everyone; and everyone determined to establish the vision. But now, this situation is slowly disappeared and they become leader for their own benefits.

As a conclusion, these two elements that are constitute Malaysian leader. Because of this we have to protect three elements so Malaysian will become a great and successful country at all time. We have to eliminate the unnecessary sources that are wanted to create chaos in this country.


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