Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 12 Quotes

While many good speakers, scholars, and intellects are barred from public speech, I simply cannot believe what I have seen yesterday. A speaker gave a speech in the CIVP workshop today to represent the 1 Malaysia label on behalf of the Prime Ministers Office. I will not name this man as my target audience of this post are those who know who he is. Just to share with you my thoughts, I had full confidence of the 1Malaysia campaign until yesterday. My reputation is no where near a success and some might say I do not deserve to speak out but I can’t hold back my thoughts on this. My comment on his speech... rhetoric but ultimately embarrassing!
Here are the top 12 quotes from the talk that we should NOT accept:

“Obama anak hamba menjadi President” –Obama descendant of slaves is now President.
Obama’s parents nor his ancestor were slaves.

“Mana ada bangsa Cina diberi pengiktirafan di dunia. Only one in the world!” –
- No other nation has acknowledged the Chinese as a race.
Many other nations with huge Chinese population has definitely acknowledge them as a
race, or even better has clouded their racial identity to allow them to unite with other

“Si-fulan indon islam masuk kristian. Boleh! Jika si-fulan melayu islam masuk kristian. Tak Boleh! Ini adalah ketuanan Melayu”
- In brief, only Malay Muslims are not allowed to convert out of their religion.
Shows how misleading Malay supremacy really is and the weakness in religious authority in Malaysia.

“Anak saya grad jugak. Mungkin lebih pandai daripada saudara-saudara. Jangan anggap saudara-saudara bijak sangat!”
- My son’s a University graduate. So don’t think that you are too smart!
I will not dwell on this. He clearly embarrassed himself and his son.

“Kamu mesti bijaksana. Kalau tak tahu jangan cakap X 4. Duduk, baca dulu. Belajar”
- You must embrace wisdom. If you don’t know don’t speak X4. Sit, study and learn.
He lost my vote (if he needs any). He belittled the audience. How silly.

“Ada juga penyamun yang baik. Ada juga ulama’ yang tak betul. Yang menetapkan siapa masuk syurga dan neraka, itu tidak betul. Tak betul”
- There are good burglars and sinister scholars. Scholars who decide who goes to heaven and hell are wrong!
This quote is an unoriginal, schematic quote used by many Barisan politicians to aim at PAS. This plays no relevance whatsoever to the topic.

“Jangan kita bodoh dua kali. Biar bodoh sekali, buat pengajaran kepada semua”
- Don’t be stupid twice. Only once. As a lesson.
This man has done it more than twice within the hour!

"Najib darjah 6 dah jadi pegawai khas kepada Perdana Menteri. Kau ingat senang?! Senang buatlah!”
- Najib became a special officer to the Prime Minister at the age of 12. You think its easy?! Go ahead and try!
Najib played his privileges to his advantage. True. However the way he said it has disgrace Najib’s position and showed as though he is lucky to be there and not hardworking.

“Saudara maki balik kerajaan! Bloody fool! Betul atau tidak?! Maki hamun kerajaan”
- How dare you criticize the government! Bloody fool!
Utterly ridiculous.

“Alhamdulillah, kita boleh kata prasarana Negara setanding dengan Negara maju”
- Thank God, we can say that our infrastructure and facilities are on par with other developed nations.
Wrong again. We are left far behind in terms of public transport, broadband connectivity. Clear fact. This guy has no idea about the western developed countries.

“Negara kita Berjaya. Rakyat Negara Cina yang miskin masih miskin. Sampai sanggup gadai body di Kuala Lumpur. Orang india dari India dating cari makan di Malaysia. Hari ini rakyat Malaysia pelbagai kaum tidak mencari makan di India dan tidak di Cina.” Later he said;
“Saya terjumpa seorang Cina Johor Bahru di Negara Cina”
- Malaysian citizens of all races do not seek jobs in China or India. China workers come to Malaysia as prostitutes and Indians from India come to seek jobs in Malaysia. Malaysians of all races do not go to China or India to look for jobs.
- I met a Chinese Johorian in a market in China.
I have known so many Malaysians who seek jobs in China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and do not come back to Malaysia. If this guy is unaware of brain drain, then this country is in danger!!!

“Anak muda sekarang dikelamun dengan budaya blog, menghina kerajaan” later he said;
“Sekarang tidak banyak blog-blog yang sempit dibandingkan dahulu”
- The youth now are polluted with the blog culture, insulting the government.
- Now there are not many blogs aimed towards the government.
Blog and net documentation is the future. Wake up!

“Handphone ini adalah contoh kemajuan yang dibawa oleh bekas Perdana Menteri kita, Tun Dr. Mahathir!!”
- The handphone is an example of the technology brought by the previous Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir!!
- Handphones, like any other technology was widespread in other countries first and later penetrated the Malaysian market. The prime minister does not decide to bring in handphones.

If this guy is still around, then 1Malaysia is in trouble. I am a highly irresponsible citizen if I were to NOT blog about this. My advice to other participants of the workshop, these people exist in Malaysia and some such as this speaker are powerful. So let’s act smart. We know what’s right and wrong and what’s smart and stupid. Let’s not look for trouble before we reach a high enough position to change the country. Focus on ourselves and our success before we topple these bad seeds.


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