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The Temuan: One Study about Development and Changing a Way of Thinking.

Title: The Temuan: One Study about Development and Changing a Way of Thinking.

Author: Muhamad Tarmizi bin Abd Rahim


Team Leader: Tn Hj Lokman bin Awang

Facilitator Assisting: Tn Hj Yahya bin Awang


The Temuan are the original Malay (Malay Proto). They live in the Selangor, Melaka, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor. The Temuan who live in Negeri Sembilan practice adat pepatih and not much different with another Temuan from other state.

Temuan means ‘bertemu dengan orang Melayu’ or meet with other Malay people. Temuan biggest village is located at Kg Bukit Payung in Alor Gajah, Melaka. It is consist 420 people who live in this village. 80 % of them are Christian, 20% Musalim and other has no religion (animisms). The person who takes tare the village called Tok Batin. Tok Batin have two assistant.

We are from CIVP conducting visiting and a field trip to this village. We have to study the angle about the community of Temuan. We can freely choose our angle in term of discussing the community behavior with leadership.


The methodology that we use is qualitative. The qualitative method that we are using is interviewing, corroboration, observation, examine document, record also historical artifact. In the day before, we are given short briefing about the technique. There are step in interviewing. There are;

• Introduction - We are supposed to give a short but informative introduction about my self and my team. This is because to give an info to the interviewee.
• Build the rapport - This is important in term to give them comfortable with us. When the rapport is build, the Temuan will share their experience sincerely.
• Obtain the detailed info - In term of collecting the validating data, we have asked the effective question to the Temuan in term of to get the detailed info. The question have to cover all the area and we must check the understanding them on the question. If possible ask the further question to the Temuan and use the paraphrase technique. It is because we want to validate the information that we get.
• Conclude the interview - We have to summarize the main point and we must confirm future arrangement (if available). Before the end of the interview we must clarify the point and ask if there are any points that they want to add. And must remember to say THANK YOU!!

The next technique is corroboration. This happen when an opinion is supported by another verbal account by and independent or reliable source. In term of doing that there are several things that are we suppose to do;

• We must see that their point is correlation with their environment, people around them and other.
• We must alert with their surroundings.
• We must focus with their environment.

The most technique is observation. This is a very important technique because we can gain more point within our observation. With observation we can see things that they are shy or did not want to share. In observing, sometimes we can validate the ambiguous things and matter.

The last technique is examining document, record also historical artifact. We first collect the document, record or artifact that we are going to examine. In this technique, we usually take some time to do it. But because in this field trip, we only take several pictures and the handout that Tuan Hj Lokman gave to us.


This community project field was set up by CIVP in order to all the participants to get exposure as well as knowledge of our country historical and cultural context. The participants were gathered in front of the Clubhouse Country Heights, Kajang as early as 7.00 am after they finished their breakfast. Two buses were provided for the participants according to their group task either the Temuan or Portuguese settlement. After the quick briefing about the tour, all the participants go to the settlement .Only one constrain that I think it is maybe disturb me all the time. It is the dog; I surprised to see so many dogs in the village.


In this field study, I realized one thing or angles that are can be described in this report. With this angle I will provide evidence and lesson I learnt.

Description of the angle

I want to discuss about the changing and development of the way of thinking in the Temuan family. It is means that they did not only live in the circle of poverty. They manage to get out of the chrysalis and able to develop like other people. They have prove that if one family is live in poverty, it is did not mean that the child of the family will live in the same condition as well. This is prove when I doing my filed trip to Temuan people.

In this field trip, my team and I visiting two houses with the capacity three families in it. It consists three generation of family. The descriptions of the generations are:

• First generation - Doi and Senah with 14 children. The main job that are they doing rubber tapping with some farming. In two hundred ringgit a month they manage to raised their children until they get married.
• Second generation – Nur is the Doi and Senah oldest daughter. She married to the Opi in the age 16 years old. They have 6 daughters and one of them is married. The youngest is 8 years old.
• Third generation - while Nasalina is married to the Wong who is not the Temuan or the other trible. They are married using the Malay culture. You can clarify what I say in the evidence section.

There is a differences of mindset among the three generation about improving themselves and not live in the circle of poverty. The first generation did not care and did think about to improving themselves. It is means they are live happily in their comfort zone. They only hope for government to give them help and they also did not care if the government did not give any help in term of support the school child and others. Such example, when we ask question like to probe why Doi did not want to develop himself and he is still avoiding to answers the question like that.

This is different with the second generations that are seriously wanted to develop themselves. They properly send their children to the school and they know the important of the knowledge however their first daughter only complete until form three. This is an achievement to the family and the other family members now still continue their study.

Now we see the differences between the socio-economy status between the first and the second generation;

First Generation

Wooden house and small
They has no transportation
Believe in shaman (tok batin)
Did not have religion
Income RM 200/month
Only have rubber estate

Second Generation

House made from brick
Got transportation (motor)
Did not believe in shaman. When sick go to the hospital
Have religion (Buddhist)
Income RM 1000/month
Have rubber estate, banana farm

The third generations are better than the second generation. There more develop in term of improve themselves. They did not scare to get know and get well with other people from other race. As the example, Nasalina is married to the Wong who is Chinese. Nasalina is did not stay with her parent and did not hesitate to learn another language except Malay and Temuan dialect.

Now once again we see the differences between the socio-economy status between the second and third generation.

Second Generation
House made from brick
Got transportation (motor)
Have rubber estate, banana farm
Traditional dress

Third Generation

House at Masjid Tanah
Got transportation (car)
Open a restaurant
Modern dress


The evidence that I take and learn are book and article that are given.

Lesson Learn

From my description of angle, I discuss about development and changing the way of thinking in Temuan family. I choose this angle because I can see what changing inside their mind after seeing the three families. They have a set of different mindset that is they develop in term of opportunity and changes that the government made. The older generation has the mindset quit close compare to the younger generation.

It is means that the younger generation is more develop and tend to learn more from the older generation. It is also means that the younger generation is better than the older generation. I give you an example, the computer or the electronic devices will learn fast by the younger generation compare to the older one.

This is because more knowledge and technology will be developing and will be learn by the younger generation. A part from that the younger generation is luckier and more expose to this certain knowledge.

In term of leadership content, I see this as challenge to build a better Malaysia. This is because the younger generation is actually improving the nation. They have better idea and maybe better value to add on. However we cannot deny the contribution of older generation. Because of that we have to more put effort to develop and strengthen the younger generation, so that they can be improving the country instead destroy it with the influence of the Western.

In a conclusion, I realize that anyone have potential to develop and changing their mindset that are control their lifestyle and will lead them to out from poverty or some other difficulty.


Regarding this field trip, I can self audit myself. This is because the condition of the place that is in the end of the jungle with a few facilities. In my journey today, I realized many things. The things are;
• Do not judge a book by its cover.
• If we are in difficulty, there are people more difficult than us.
• Education is important in term of changing life.
• Healthy environment make youngster better.
• In modern world, there still people out there is not effect with the modernization.

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