Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Malaysia

I'm just wondering what is One Malaysia when I heard about it. It was when Najib became prime minister...
I thought it just only his propaganda. Just same as Dr M with Vision 2020 and Abdullah with Islam Hadhari.
After that everyone uses tag line Satu Malaysia either in mass media or in the UTM. I really distracted with this One Malaysia. I feel our country did not need anymore this kind of 'vision'. We have the Vision 2020 and we have to achieve that first after we go though anything else.

I really excited when I discover today talk is about One Malaysia. I hope the speaker can give a beneficial info about One Malaysia. However, its really disappointing talk just like everyone know. I just didn't understand why he doing such a manner??

After the talk, I just realized one thing. If we didn't have the knowledge to support our idea or to convince people. We have to be humble and don't force people to accept what are we talking about??

That was a very bad attitude. But I really respect his spirit. The spirit that everyone have to learn. Also I have to learn to speak like that. It is very convincing to everyone who didn't have the knowledge

I hope for better tomorrow....-_-''

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